Presenting Nanny Marcia

Each month you will get a change to meet one of the many nannies that are part of The Nanny Alliance of Wisconsin.  Today you get to meet the new director, Marcia Hall.  

                Why did you become a nanny and how long have you been one?
a.       I have always loved working with children.  My parents were both teachers and from an early age babysat children in my neighborhood.  When I was a junior in high school I considered becoming a teacher like my parents but wanted to instruct in smaller groups.  I loved the idea of being a nanny and found the English Nanny and Governess School.  In 1996 I attended and graduated.  I have been a Certified Professional Nanny ever since. 

What is your current nanny position like?
a.       I care for a 5 year old girl in preschool 3 mornings a week and a 9 year old boy in school full time.  They live in Mequon and I am blessed to be able to take my 3 year old daughter to work with me.  The children love to play outside, do art projects and go on “field trips” to the zoo and museums.  The 5 year old loves all things “stuffed” and the 9 year old loves all things Legos.

Why do you enjoy what you do?
a.       I love being a nanny because I am able to shape the way children are raised.  All of the families I have worked with have been very unique.  I am not only able to help families find the best parenting approach for their family but I am able to help them implement those techniques.  I love being able to do that. 

What is one of your most memorable moments as a nanny?
a.       On Sept 11, 2001 I was working for a family of 3 boys in Whitefish Bay, WI.  Mom and dad were on a trip in Canada when the tragic events happened.  Of course we all know that the events of that day meant that mom and dad would not be able to return home for some time.  That week will always be a bittersweet memory for me.  I was able to help the children through understanding the tragedy but also give mom and dad piece of mind that their children were in good hands.  I really believe that by experiencing and working through that event my relationship and bond with those children and their parents that will last forever.  

What is your favorite activity or place to go with your charges?
a.       We love to go all over the place but I think my favorite thing to do with them is crafts in the home.  Their excitement is so great and I love watching their little faces light up when they are proud of the work of art they have completed. 

What is one way you would like to grow as a nanny or what is one thing you would like to learn more about for your nanny career?
a.       I would really like to understand more about autism, ADD and ADHD and how to help children and families deal with these issues.  These are issues that face a lot of children today and parents have a very hard time dealing with.