Helping children grieve

 By: Trisha Knueven at Cincynanny

As a nanny I have cared for three children who have lost a parent to death.  I searched for answers on how to help these children long-term and came up short.  The questions I set out to answer were:
   -How does this significant death affect a child years later? 
   -How can I help the child? 
   -What is important to know about child grieving in order to support the child?

I found several great resources at my local library including a book I read cover to cover called Children and Grief: When a Parent Dies by J. William Worden.  This book is mainly the conclusions of a Child Bereavement Study conducted by Dr. Phyllis Silverman and the author studying children between ages 6 and 17 who lost a parent to death.  The study followed the children for 2 years after the death and compared them to a non-bereaved sample of children.  Each chapter ends with a bulleted summary.
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