Hello all.  I write this blog post with sadness but knowing it is the right choice for me and my family.  I am stepping down as head of the Nanny Alliance of Wisconsin and canceling the Nanny Education Day scheduled for the end of this month. 

With the addition of our second daughter, I have transitioned to caring for children in my home and am no longer a nanny (for now).  Running the Alliance in even the limited way I have been, has just become too much for me.  I needed to make some very difficult decisions about my life and how much I was doing in order to give my children the best I can. 

Unfortunately no one has stepped forward at this moment to take the reigns so we will disband.  I believe someone is going to keep the blog as a reference for nannies in southeastern Wisconsin and we may still do some fun things occasionally and post them to the blog.  But there will not be any monthly training or regularly schedule social events. 

I am happy to continue to be a sounding board for any nanny needing help with the caring side or the business side of nannying.  I am continuing to work at Strong Roots Family Coaching in educating and helping families.  Angela Vogds will be offering nanny counseling for anyone interested. 

Thank you all for the time I had with you and I wish in many ways it could have been more.  But I know the choice I made was the right one. 

Marcia Hall