Super-star Study Box

I personally LOVE to organize and therefore this is one of my favorite blogs.  I thought this particular post would be a great idea for those nannies that have school age children.  Enjoy. 

I have tried about a bazillion and one ways to organize kid's school paperwork throughout the years, and this time I think I finally have a system that I will love for the rest of their years.  It only took me five years of trying different things to get to this point, but I am excited to report that it is an easy and WORKING system!

First, let's take a quick second to reflect on my attempted methods:
  • Counter Top Piles: Pile current/important papers on the counter
  • Magnets to the Fridge:  Attach current/important papers to the fridge
  • Personal In-Boxes:  File current/important papers in a personal in-box
  • Household Management Binder:  Keep current/important papers in plastic sleeves in the binder
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