Time Off!

Hey everyone.  I have some exciting news.  My husband and I have welcomed home a new addition to our family.  To day (April 7th) we are bringing home a 7 week old baby girl named Lucy*.  I am excited and know that I will have my hands full with not only her but my 3 year old daughter.  So in order to help us all adjust to this new life, I am going to be taking a break from updating the blog. 

I hope to have it back up and running in the beginning of May.  There will be so many things to share at that time.  Between National Nanny Training Day and International Nanny Association Conference I will have lots to update you on.  There is still space available for National Nanny Training Day in Chicago.  She had filled up all her spots but was able to secure a bigger room so if you are still interested in coming with us and car pooling, let us know.  The date is April 28th. 

Thanks all and here is a little pic of how I will be spending my time for the next few months.  You will see there is just no room for a laptop on my lap any more.  Thanks everyone!!!

*Lucy is not her real name, we are unable to give that out at this time nor are we able to show her face on the public websites.