Strong Roots Family Coaching Offers Classes - Good For Nannies, Too!

Our very own Marcia Hall, CPN, Parenting Coach and owner of Strong Roots Family Coaching, is offering these wonderful classes at only $10 each!  Sign up today - nannies are welcome! 

Let Strong Roots Family Coaching help YOU with Parenting Classes Based on "Connection Parenting" By Pam Leo

Discipline Through Decoding Behavior – Thursday, February 17th Children don't always have the language to tell us what they need, so they tell you with their behavior. You can learn to recognize "needy" behavior and respond to the need instead of reacting out of frustration.

Healing Children’s Hurt – Thursday, March 3rd  
If you can understand what your children do when they are hurt you gain a new level of support and skill to respond to crying, temper tantrums, frustration, anger and grief.

The Truth about Self Worth and Self Esteem – Thursday, March 17th 
The words "self esteem" and "self worth" are used a lot these days.  Find out what they really mean and how you can help your children become well balanced adults. 

Communicating with your Child – Thursday, March 31st     
Words can build or they can work to destroy. As parents, it is your responsibility to communicate so you are understood by your children.  It is possible to unlearn the habits that produce negative results and learn to talk in a way you’re your children can understand.  

Teaching Children Respect – Thursday, April 14th  
Everyone wishes their child was more respectful.  It is possible to teach your children respect.  It starts by showing it to them.   

Parenting from a Different Perspective – Thursday, April 28th
Parenting today is so much more difficult than it used to be.  If you learn to take the experiences from your own childhood and take time to meet your own needs, parenting can be a little easier.  

*All Workshops are 7-9 PM at Church in the City
 (2648 N. Hackett, Milwaukee)
*All Workshops are $10 each – attend as many as you’d like!
*Childcare not available

For more information or to Register please call 414-241-7322 or