Winter Craft Ideas

Check out these amazing and fun winter craft ideas from Regarding Nannies.

1. Edible Oreo snow globes from Sweet Simple Stuff
2. Tie Dye Snowman T-Shirt from Mama Bee from the Hive
3. The Frosts from The Little Treasures
4. Ice Locket craft from Roots of Simplicity
5. Snow Play Dough from Moments of Mommyhood 
6. Icy Artwork from Artful Adventures

 7. Glue Snowman from Kraft Kaboose
8. Nutter Butter Snowman Cookies by Nanny Gael Ann inspired by
My Pretty Purse
9. Bottle Cap Snowman from What I Live For 

Find more pictures and the links to how to make all the listed winter crafts HERE!