Nannypalooza – Eureka!!!

A wrap-up on the Nannypalooza Conference by INA Nanny of the Year, Marcia Hall

Nannypalooza is an annual conference that works to support nannies in all areas of their lives.  It is a great place to learn, share and grow.  Check out the web site here.

This year’s Nannypalooza was held near Baltimore, Maryland in the quaint town of Ellicott City.  The event was relaxing, fun and incredibly educational.  It offered 15 different workshops all geared for Nannies.  My personal favorites were “Why Do They Do That?”, “What Triggered That Meltdown?”, “Win, Win Negotiating” and “Learning all about Learning Styles.”  Each workshop was full of helpful tools and information that I am now able to bring back and put into practice with my family.  

“Why Do They Do That” was about brain development - primarily focused on the most vital thing every human brain needs to develop: interaction with at least one other human.  Without this essential connection with other brains, the baby brain CANNOT make the neurological links it needs to. 

“What Triggered That Meltdown?” was about the specific needs of highly sensitive children.  It provided amazing ideas on calming and soothing children with hyper and hypo-sensitivity issues.  I found it informative even though I do not have children diagnosed with sensitivity issues.  The strategies would be useful for any child over-stimulated and over-whelmed. 

"Win, Win Negotiating" was all about learning techniques that will help when an argument or frustration occurs between nanny and employer.  The techniques include words to use to defuse the situation and what to say to get your point across without sounding threatening or judgmental. 

"Learning all about Learning Styles" helped the participants pinpoint their own learning styles and those of our charges.  It also gave us suggestions to help children with a specific learning style understand concepts presented in a different structure.  For example if you work with a child that is a visual learner, using pictures and images to teach will be more effective than simply asking them to read a textbook. 

The other workshops included:
·         Ask Away!  A Nanny Agency Panel Discussion
·         The Over Programmed Child: Making Time To Play
·         Shake Your Booty! Getting Your Charges Fit through Music and Movement
·         Tantrums: The What, Why, and How of Addressing Problem Behaviors with Early Learners
·         Book Chat with Children's Book Author and Blogger
·         Super Healthy Habits for Super Nannies!
·         Matching: The Key to Nanny Success
·         Mean Girls with Power Tools: Helping Teens and Tweens Stay Safe and Smart Online
·         Trends in the Industry- Meet The National Domestic Workers Alliance
·         Presenting Yourself as a Full Charge Professional Nanny
·         Creative Tools to Teach Kids about Healthy Food

These workshops were amazing and there was something for every nanny to enjoy and learn from; however, getting to learn from and about nannies from all over the country was a reward in itself. I highly recommend every professional nanny seriously consider attending a conference at least once in their career.  Once you attend one, you will understand the true value of it and you will be hooked. 

Nannypalooza will most likely happen again next year but you don’t have to wait to go to a nanny conference.  International Nanny Associations annual conference is just 6 months away.  May 3-6th in Las Vegas.  Mark your calendars and start saving now!!!  If you have more questions, you can email me at
Marcia Hall