Presenting Nanny Jean

Each month you will get a change to meet one of the many nannies that are part of The Nanny Alliance of Wisconsin.  Today you get to Jean Tameling who has been a part of our group for 5 years.   

Why did you become a nanny and how long have you been one?

         When I was in high school I was interested in teaching young children, I knew I could be a positive influence in children's development.  After earning my bachelor's degree in early childhood education I taught kindergarten for one year and then moved to Milwaukee to be a nanny for a newborn. The nanny position lasted 19 years, caring for 4 children. Today I have 28 years of nannyhood!

What is your current nanny position like?

          Currently I care for a 7 year old girl in Mequon.  I have been with the family for 7 years.  This full time position includes being a family assistant as well as a nanny.
          Volunteering at the child's school and helping with homework, driving her to activities such as choir rehearsal, swim team, gymnastics to name a few. Other job duties include cooking for the family, running errands.

Why do you enjoy what you do?

          I love children!  I love their innocence and love of learning and love of life.  Everything around them is new and exciting and I get to be one of the most important people in their growing years to help them build a foundation for life experiences.  I also enjoy being a nanny because parents have trusted me to help them raise their child.  It is definitely a team effort raising a child, it takes family, home, school, and community, it does take a village!  How fortunate I am to be a part of this child's village.

What is one of your most memorable moments as a nanny?

          There are so many especially after 28 years but one that comes to mind is when I asked a 3 year old what my whole name was, she so sweetly, lovingly, gave me her last name.  That is the highest honor, to be so special in her life that I too shared her family's name.

What is your favorite activity or place to go with your charges?

          These days I would have to say I love a good long car ride.  You can find out so much about a 1st. grader's day and their thoughts.  Favorite place would have to be the library, borrowing books and being open to learning, adventures and imagination through the written word and pictures of course.

What is one way you would like to grow as a nanny or what is one thing you would like to learn more about for your nanny career?

          One way I would like to grow as a nanny is to volunteer more. I would really love to go to another country and be immersed into the culture and help mothers and children who are in high risk situations, educating and nurturing.  I know in my heart there is so much to do.