Teaching Children Humility

A great article from nanny.net about teaching children humility.  Enjoy.  

It seems today that many kids have a bad attitude about things and toward others. Arrogance among young people seems like it is on the rise, and for many of us parents it may be our fault. When the kids were little and said smart aleck things perhaps we let it pass and thought it was funny or amusing. What was cute witty sarcasm then now gets under our skin and causes us to cringe in public when our child comes off as a know-it-all or snob. A nice slice of humble pie is now in order. But what can a parent do to convince their kid to take a bite? Here are some ideas.
  1. Talk about the importance of humility. Sometimes kids don’t understand what humility really is. Unfortunately people often see humility as a weakness when in reality it is a strength. Some of the greatest people in the world are those who have tasted their share of humble pie.  

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