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How to Effectively Handle Emotionally Charged Situations and Difficult Personalities With Professionalism, Compassion and Tact
Every nanny at one time or another has to tackle a tough conversation with a parent.  It may be as commonplace as saying no to a too often favor request or it may be as serious as recommending they have their child evaluated for a developmental delay
These situations are often difficult to tackle and frequently lead to conversations that are overrun by emotions, easily lose focus, lack resolution and leave both parties feeling upset.
During this webinar, attendees will learn eight simple-to-use, practical communication tools that help calm people down, build rapport, keep the conversation on track and focus on solutions rather than blame in emotionally charged situations. 
Attendees will also learn real world strategies to help them manage their emotions and maintain their professionalism when faced with parents’ common yet difficult-to-handle reaction patterns like anger, aggression, defensiveness, blaming, denial, or over-the-top-drama.
The last part of the session will be a Q and A session to craft conversation starters for particular situations and demonstrate how the tools work together in real world conversations.