Welcome to the New Nanny Alliance!!

Happy New Year, nanny friends!  I hope you find the snow a welcome treat for the New Year.  I, for one, am glad that we don’t have more yet, though I am sure it is coming soon. 

As promised I am writing today to let you all know of the exciting future of what was once Northshore Professional Nanny Alliance. 

1.       The first change you all know about already.  With the closing of Northshore Professional Nanny Agency, our group is no longer attached to an agency.  We are independent and therefore decided to change our name.  We will now be known as The Nanny Alliance of Wisconsin (The Alliance).  We believe that with this new change we will be able to better represent ALL the nannies that we want to include. 

2.       I have scheduled 6 days of education throughout the year and we will have many social events added to the calendar as the year proceeds.  I hope to get the educational events in the same place, but I am still working on a location.  The first educational event will be January 28th at Ruby G's near the Marquette Campus.   The complete current list for the year is to the right.   All regular educational event days will be on Saturday mornings from 10:00AM-12PM.  For those interested in some Alliance Business stuff please be there promptly at 10.  The education part of the day will start promptly at 10:30.  These standard educational days will cost $5. 

3.       Because we are no longer going to be connected to a business we need to have a small amount of money on hand for printing costs and other small essentials.  So membership dues will be reinstituted.  To be a member of The Nanny Alliance of Wisconsin (The Alliance) you must pay $25 a year.  You do not need to be a member to attend our meetings, but if you are a member these events are free  (you do not have to pay the $5).  By becoming a member of The Alliance you also are welcome to use our name and (future) logo on your resume.

4.       We will be having 2 special education days in 2012.  The first will be April 28th for “The Week of the Young Child” and the other will be “Nannies across America” for National Nanny Recognition Week on Sept 29th.  Both these events will provide several educational workshops.  They will therefore cost a little more than our standard educational events.  That cost is TBA but if you become a member you will receive a 50% discount for them. 

5.       In November we will also be offering a CPR and First Aid course.  The cost of that will be the same for everyone. 

6.       Get connected with our blog because we are going to be providing you with some additional education and support through it.  Several of our long time members are going to be writing articles each month.  I am excited about the wealth of knowledge we will all receive from the blog in the near future. 

7.       We want YOU to be involved in this group.  We know that as a busy nanny you are not always able to make it to our scheduled events.  I hope you all know that should not stop you from connecting with each other.  Use our Facebook group, blog and face to face events to meet new nannies and set up your own social gatherings.  It could be on your own or with your charges.  If you are planning an outing with the kids and want to meet up with others, let us know!!  If you want to set up a play date with a group of people, go for it. 

I would like to give one more giant THANK YOU to Mary Boyle for her tireless work on behalf of nannies for the last 5+ years.  She has done more for us that any of us realize, sacrificing time, energy and very often money to support us.  It is a great honor to be taking over for her and I will do my best to fill her shoes.  She will always be available for you because that is just who she is however, please direct your Nanny Alliance questions to me from this point further. 

You can contact me at me at mommananny@mail.com or 414-241-7322

See you all soon!!

Marcia Hall